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Dirttracks in the north

Dirttracks in the north

Welcome to the new website with information about our adventure tours in the beautiful region of the Golden Triangle in south-east Asia. Motorbike & Off-Road Tours, TAT-License No.24-00172 was established as a Thai/German travel agency in the late 1980s and has run successful all-inclusive tours for over 20 years. Our tailor-made Enduro and 4WD adventures in the green mountains of northern Thailand and the deep forests of the Tenasserim (Kanchanaburi province) never fail to excite and inspire. A few years ago we moved to our new office in Hang Dong close to the terrific valley of Chiang Mai in northern Thailand, only 8km south of the International Airport.

Evening at the bridge over River Kwai

Sunset at the bridge over the River Kwai

In the dry season from November to April our programme includes 5 different on-road and dirtbike / 4WD tours in the provinces of north and central Thailand. They include trips to the Golden Triangle of Laos, Thailand and Burma, the famous Bridge over the River Kwai, the beautiful coast at the Gulf of Thailand and the ancient cities of the former Kingdoms of Lanna and Sukhotai.


1) Off-Road Tour Highlights & Highlands, 1200km on the best dirttracks
booking available from December to April, 9 days, 8 nights
All-Inclusive from Chiang-Mai Airport  €1498 plus €180 over the Christmas period.

2) Off-Road Tour Golden Triangle Adventure, 2100km in the GT-mountains
booking available from December to April, 16 days, 15 nights
All-Inclusive from Chiang-Mai Airport €2798 plus €320 over the Christmas period.

3) On-Road Tours From Lanna to the Kwai and the gulf, 2450km from North to South
or back, booking available in February  and March, 18 days, 17 nights
All-Inclusive from Chiang-Mai or Bangkok Airport €2998.

4) On-Road and Gravel Tour River Kwai Adventure, 950km in the Tenasserim forrest
booking available in February and March, 11 days, 10 nights
All-Inclusive from Bangkok Airport €1898.

5) On-Road Tour Hairpins in the Golden Triangle, 1650km along the Laos-borderline
booking available in February, 9 days, 8 nights
All-Inclusive from Chiang-Mai Airport €1498.

Single room plus €20 per night
Deposit (max. payment) for crashes €750 for 250cc, 650cc = €1000.
2nd person in the truck about 65 – 70% of the normal cost.
Big Bike 650cc instead of 250cc plus €20 per day. Only on-road and only couples with good experience!

Reliable vehicles reading for touring

Vehicles reading for touring

On the off-road tours you can ride the modern Kawasaki KLX-250 or the brandnew Honda CRF-250L. The 4WD trucks Isuzu D Max or Suzuki SJ-413 are able to follow the bikes through the deep jungle and carry your gear safely to the guesthouses.

For our on-road tours we prefir a light Super-Moto bike. It is very easy to handle and has fabulous brakes. It is a heavenly pleasure to surf with this light and strong singles through the endless curves of the Lanna mountains. You can enjoy the sharp hairpins on a Kawaski KLX D-Tracker 250 or Honda CRF-M along the borderlines. For Couples and experienced riders we offer also some big bike like Kawasaki ER-6n or a Honda CB 500.

Delicous Thai-Curry with fresh spices

Delicous Thai curry with fresh spices

In every tour you can enjoy the delicous Thai food in selected local restaurants. All snacks, food and soft drinks during the adventure holidays are included, as well as transfers, entry fees, vehicles, petrol and gear. Comfortable clean mid-range guesthouses are prepared when we arrive at our destination in the late afternoon. In Chiang Mai and in a few other locations you can refresh yourself in the hotel pool.

Plantation, bikes and jungle

Plantation, bikes and jungle

The green mountain landscape in the Mekong region is home to several exotic hill tribes, who´s deep jungle habitat has protected them from the negative influences of the outside world, allowing them to maintain their own religions and unique traditions. The steep tracks to their villages with many water-crossings make Off-Road dreams come true. We know many of the more remote, lonely trails in the wide valleys and hillsides and have good relations with many of the tribal people in the Golden Triangle. Elephants, monkeys and snakes are the other typical inhabitants of the monsoon forests of south-east Asia and we do our utmost not to disturb them.

Nice to see you

Sawadi ka!

Programmes can be linked with sporting activities such as diving and golf or sightseeing trips around south-east Asia. Alternatively, if you like the idea of testing yourself on a dirtbike or 4WD in a competition like MX or Enduros, no problem.  We compete in a few races around the country and have good relationships on the local scene. For further information please contact us via the booking page (BUCHEN).
We look forward to meeting you as a guest in the exotic Land of the Smile.
The Motorbike & Off-Road Tours Team

Yeah, we´ll be back next year.

See you next year.

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